Yet another culture that used nail art and

Yet another culture that used nail art and, perhaps more commonly in some cases, nail design, was the Chinese. Ancient China, known for its many firsts and advances in the world, were the first to use a nail polish.
The use of this polish type material dates back to 3,000 B. C. The polish itself was made of a combination of ingredients often including vegetable dyes, gelatin, egg whites and even beeswax. After creating the mixture, individuals would tip their nails in it and maintain this position for hours until the nails dried.

By 600 A. D., the use of gold and silver dust was used by the Chinese. During this time, the use of these materials was only done by those who were royalty.
Over the next centuries, many other cultures would use nail polish and various other products to create stunning images on their nails. The Inca empire in South America created their own methods. It was used by the Ming Dynasty as well. And, the French King Louis XVI, was known for his use of nail preparations.
August 27, 2017