Gel nails are another hard solution with

Gel nails are another hard solution with long lasting benefits. Gels feel great and they can be very smooth and perfected with various embellishments.
Glitter nails are a fun and lighthearted way. It is possible to purchase polish that includes glitter in it, but there are also applications for adding a more impressive look instead.
French nails are another type of nail art, used in high fashion and named as a result of the use in the fashion world of France. Today's options often include a bright white coloring on a neutral tone. This is an excellent option for those who are looking for a higher elegance in their nails.
Matte nails are gel like, but they do not shine. Instead, they have a dull finish. This is a fantastic look with a bit more subtly. Or, holographic nails can be used. This look is bright, with a shimmer to it. Ombre nails, crackle nails, and water marble nails are other popular styles being used today.
Other types of nail designs that are popular include Aztec nails, rhinestone encrusted nails (which often feature beautiful jewels added to them), Mehndi nails, and even fun stiletto nails. There are many ways that people are creating stunning nail art.
August 27, 2017